Coming Next Week: an in-depth interview with Covet makeup artist, Jasmine Bailey-Barfuss

Artwork & Photography by Jasmine Bailey-Barfuss for Savoir Faire Cosmetics, 2015

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Miss-COVET-glooart-2Hers is a face we’ve come to know so well that some days we feel it’s our very own. This feeling of ownership has given us a familiarity we don’t share with many. A familiarity, in fact, we may only feel when we look in the mirror. Jasmine Bailey-Barfuss is the amazing woman, wife, mother and make-up artist who has created the face of Covet Fashion. To know her is to know that there could not be a more accurate and radiant depiction of today’s woman behind the flawless face.


For Covet players, the face has changed immensely in recent months; Bailey-Barfuss is seeing her creations unfold, not only in the form of “TONS” of new hairstyles and makeup options, but also in both minor tweaks and major changes to the styles and palettes veteran players have come to know so well.

“Oh yes!!” Bailey-Barfuss responded with characteristic excitement this week. “Those dreads are my favorite out of all the hair changes! Maybe it’s because I donned delicious dreads myself for a couple of years, but I can’t get enough of them.  Texture, color, bling!  And so many other good updates too. (Bejeweled!) (Elegance!)” she enthused. “Everyone is going to reap the rewards of these hair and makeup makeovers, no matter the closet value.”

(Just some of the updated older hair and makeup styles released in-game this week)

Join us here on next week for the first in a three-part in-depth interview with Bailey-Barfuss. Raw and riveting, we will get a glimpse into this small-town-turned-worldly girl’s background — her real life tears and triumphs — as well as her amazing journey down the proverbial road less travelled. An artist and trailblazer, she:

…[I] chose to leave university early and by twenty-two I’d put makeup on two Academy Award winners.  It was pretty exciting stuff.

(Excerpt from Interview)

You don’t want to miss this journey through the life, mind and soul of a consummate artist — truly struck, yet never stricken.

Jasmine Bailey-Barfuss: Beautiful Spirit, Beautiful Face, Part One

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Jasmine Bailey-Barfuss

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