Covet’s surprise makeovers – thank you!

Ssh, if it’s ever especially quiet around here (hint, hint), it’s probably because I’m off drawing some super exciting new art for the game

Like this art!  This week Covet Fashion surprised us all (except me! I knew!) by releasing an unannounced upgrade to a bunch of older hair and makeup, the majority of which was entered into the game during my one year hiatus.  Now, when you kneel down to say your prayers tonight, make sure to ask the big fella upstairs if he might maybe whisper in the Covet God’s ear about maybe letting me do a few more? 😉  Like maybe ten or so? Wouldn’t that be divine?  I know, the mere thought has you making lists in your head of all the hair and makeups that would be on your makeover wish-list (and they’re probably the same as what’s on mine).

Now, I know some of these fixes are just minor – a snip-snip here and a recoloring there – but isn’t this awesome!?  I saw a “Long Straight” hairstyle in top looks today!  A level 2 hair in top looks!  And all us old-timers have been going crazy scrolling back a mile in an excited dash to play with all these new goodies.  I’ve got to say, “Lime Pastel” makeup could possibly be my new go-to – and it looks great on every skintone.

How about you?  What are your new favorites?  Feel free to post some images below in the comments section, I’d love to see what you’ve been creating.

Covet Fashion Surprise Makeovers


Covet Fashion Surprise Makeovers

Happy styling!

Two days later….

Players have been blowing my mind with their gorgeous use of these new updates.  Check out these stunning Top Looks from the past 24hrs:Top-Looks-on-Covet-Fashion-2Top-Looks-on-Covet-Fashion-4 Top-Looks-on-Covet-Fashion-3



  • Rebecca says:

    Elegance hair and evening make up are the only ones I wish hadn’t changed. All the others are so beautiful.
    The long, straight hair is such a great change. Along with the retro curl. So much better. Really love them. Ashen is my favourite make up look. I have to make myself not use it for every look.

  • Stacy says:

    I agree with Rebecca’s comment about the elegance hairstyle change. The rest of the hair however is just wow!

  • Nikita Covet says:

    So funny how tastes are so different! I don’t know why, but I just don’t care for the retro curl. Maybe it’s because it’s already overused! (take a bow – no disrespect meant) I’ve also never cared much for that kind of “pin curl ” style I BELIEVE is from the 20’s/30’s/40’s. (??) I LOVE the lower level giant curl look! It seems to be gaining popularity with the players, and I’m tickled – well, not pink, but MAYBE! Give us more of your craft!!

  • D. Covet says:

    Soooo, the level 1 Long Layered, level 3 Short Cut, and level 5 Bob need an update. Long layered looks like an oily Farrah Fossett fail. The short cut looks like something sticky from a 90’s hair mag. And the Bob is a hair helmet. They need some softening up. Love the updates though. THANK YOU!!!

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