Behind The Poppy Tree

I love painting as much as I love to breathe…

With almost six thousand sales, artist and earthy mother Kelly Ann – the face behind The Poppy Tree – is an Etsy success story that most Etsy shop owners can only dream of becoming.  A whimsical personality with strong ties to nature, Kelly Ann’s colorful online shop is a tribute and a testament to “all the cuteness and beauty found in nature.”  Adorable is the adjective that I would use; an epic collection of sparkly-eyed, curly-lashed adorableness just begging to adorn your little ones bedroom.

Animals were her first love in life and she is happiest with a paintbrush in one hand, a wee bit of chocolate in the other, creating delightful furry portraits with her little girl buzzing somewhere close by.  She loves to sew, the sound of rain on the roof, being outdoors and nurturing her “little shop”, the success of which has changed her life.



What does the start of your day look like?

I wake up with the sun and enjoy some quiet time with my guy before planning the day’s inspirations. Put my daughter on the school bus, tidy up the house then scurry to my little shop in the woods to create. I always have several projects on the go.

What is your go-to recipe after a long day creating?

For me it’s impossible to eat animals and most meals are what is in season in the greenhouse.  My Freddy is an organic gardener hobbyist so we always have fresh healthy meals.


How much caffeine do you drink in an average creating day?

I have never been much of a coffee kinda girl, so water or tea for me please.

What is your outlet your me-time?

When I am creating, that it is my ultimate me time. Nothing else in the world contents me quite like it.

How do you feed your soul?

By being conscious that all life is interconnected. The phenomenon taking place in nature gets me wondering about all possibilities. Being surrounded by nature constantly feeds my creative flow.



What is your favorite creation?

My daughter Abbey is by far my favorite creation. She is my inspiration to create a beautiful, innocent world where anything and everything is possible

Who has inspired you the most and why?

I would have to say my sister is one of the most inspiring people. She has been my biggest cheerleader in helping me believe in myself and what I can achieve. She has endless ideas and optimism and it’s really helped keep me going all these years.

where the wild things are

If you had a time machine, where would you go and why?

I would go to a time far into the future where mythology meets reality and life has evolved into a peaceful, whimsical world where plants, animals and people are one and feed off the sun.

What achievement or moment in your career are you most proud of to date?

Being able to live my dream on etsy has been my greatest accomplishment.
The success and support I find there has changed the way I get to live my life.

Please share some words of wisdom that you’ve learned as a direct result of your artistic journey.

Life is a journey, live each day in the present with imagination.

Find Kelly

Etsy shop, The Poppy Tree:
instagram: @thepoppytree


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