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Sweet Surprise is on the Horizon

Just in time for the peak of the Summer season, we may very well be receiving, not just one, but several, of the items that have long topped our wish lists! And, better still, the news comes directly from talented Covet hair & make-up designer—and beloved Covet player as well— Jasmine Bailey-Barfuss.

“I think this next hair and makeup may be the prettiest yet!” Bailey-Barfuss said, adding that there will likely be “tons more hair colours…”

“I can tell you the designs are mostly Miss Covet makeovers from GlooArt, plus a couple of new inspirations taken directly from Covet players’ personal feedback,” she said. She added that, although there’s no guarantee that every hair and makeup release from here on will be her personal artwork, “the next two will definitely be (her’s).”

Speaking beyond the immediate future, Bailey-Barfuss also gave Coveters a glimpse into what lies ahead; and, it sounds exactly like Covet developers have definitely had their proverbial ear to the ground here at Facebook.

“Going forward we are going to see more ‘pretty’ and more ‘fantasy/sci-fi’ in the hair and makeup options for Covet Fashion,” Bailey-Barfuss said, adding excitedly, “I’ve been having an unreal time playing with the hair colour concepts of the patented Savoir Faire ‘Thredlox’ hair texturizing and colouring tool from Australia. (Thredlox is blowing my mind at the moment, I have six of them myself and just can’t get enough. They are fab not only for curls of every shape, but for doing patterned colour pieces too…)”

“You will see what I mean in this next release,” she concluded coyly.. “They will be so cute,” she said—an audible wink in her voice—seeming to indicate that we, too, will be “playing around” with her new designs sooner, rather than later.

By J’Lyn Wilson


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  • Anon says:

    What closet value/level is this for? I really hope they add new hair for lower levels. Just hit 1.1million and there is only a slim chance I’ll actually get these hairstyles. By the time I get these, they wouldn’t be ‘new’ anymore.

  • Snflower05 says:

    I agree…

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