Covet Makeup: Earth Tones

Earth Tones makeup inspired by Covet Fashion.



  1. Wash ‘Gingerbread’ across the whole lid with a medium sized eyeshadow brush, and then bring it under the bottom lashes – keep it soft and blended.
  2. Use a bullet brush (smaller brush) with ‘Chocolate’ to blend a 60’s inspired line across the crease and flicking it up at the edge.
  3. With the same brush, take ‘Chocolate’ and work it into the upper lash line, filling in any bare patches and creating a thin, soft line – this will help the false lashes look less fake when they’re applied.
  4. Line the inner rim with ‘Carob’ brown liner – make sure you line the upper rim too and fill in any remaining bald areas between the lashes.
  5. Pat ‘Raw Gold’ onto the lid to get the color looking more like the Covet makeup.
  6. Measure and trim your Lena Lashes, then apply with Duo adhesive – make sure you allow the glue to get tacky before applying. This will make them stick faster than applying with dripping wet glue. 15-30 seconds should be long enough for the glue to get tacky – don’t wait too long!
  7. Once your lashes are dry, add mascara to your top and bottom lashes. You can also blend the mascara out onto the Lena Lashes for a more dramatic look if you like.


  1. Apply Bovanti #70 gloss. This is quite sheer, so…
  2. In order to get it more earthy-looking, like the Covet makeup, I patted on some of the Natasha Denona ‘Raw Gold’ and the pigment literally melted into the gloss. Her eyeshadows are so diverse.

Have a play and try creating your favorite Covet Fashion makeups on yourself! I’d love to see someone dressing up with the Dark Angel or Jagged Hearts makeup this Halloween. Post your images in the comments section below, I’d love to see your creations! Happy creating!

Remember, have fun, be brave, try new things, be daring, be YOU.

-Jasmine, Covet Makeup Artist xxx

Earth Tones makeup inspired by Covet Fashion.

Earth Tones makeup inspired by Covet Fashion.


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Inspirations for your Inspirations

Skintone: Medium Dark

Makeup: Earth Tones (level 41)

Hair: Curl Tamer, Medium Brown (level 45)

Clothes: Parker Dawn Dress (Fall 2016) and Tamara Mellon Yosemite Wedge (Spring 2016)

Covet Fashion Earth Tones Makeup

Skintone: Light Olive

Makeup: Earth Tones (level 41)

Hair: Boho, Red (level 23)

Clothes: Stephanie Kantis Tidal Earrings (Fall 2016), Michael Kors Mirabel Suede Sandal (Fall 2016), Ramy Brook Ronan Jumpsuit (Spring 2016)


Skintone: Olive

Makeup: Earth Tones (level 41)

Hair: Ultra Long, Sunbleached (level 32)

Clothes: Michael Kors Mirabel Suede Sandal (Fall 2016), Halston Heritage Chiffon Jumpsuit (Spring 2015), Isharya Paradise Dew Necklace (Fall 2016), Stephanie Kantis Tidal Earrings (Fall 2016)


Skintone: Dark

Makeup: Earth Tones (level 41)

Hair: Cute Dready Bun, Chocolate (level 45)

Clothes: Rachel Zoe Sadi Shoes (Fall 2016), Olcay Gulsen Pinstripe Jumpsuit (Summer 2016), A Peace Treaty Razzi (Fall 2016)


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