HOLORAMA: An Optical Theatre from Jeff Desom on Vimeo.

Many, many years ago my wife and I visited the Discovery Bay Whaling Museum in Albany Western Australia, and I saw something there that was so surreal and mind-blowing, that more than fifteen years later, I still often wonder if I’d imagined it.  Until today.  In the foyer of the old whaling station sat a detailed model replica of a Whaling ship, very realistic, detailed down to the number of masts, and cables. But what made it so interesting to me was that there were holographic people wandering around the ship and interacting with the real, physical model. I was blown away by the marriage of traditional craftsmanship, and technology, and sometimes think I invented the thing in my head. How could something so cool be real?

Today I found this gem of a video that finally answered all my questions; a video that walked me through the process for such an exhibit. It is truly inspiring to see something so magical take shape.


holorama_1 holorama_2


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