Inspirations for your Inspirations: Ice Queen Revamp

As a player, my favorite part about the Style Confidante Styling Spree in Covet Fashion this week is voting on it – yes, you heard me right, voting! That thing we have to do in order to earn tickets to enter events? I have been loving it this week and at first, it took me a minute to figure out why… It’s because this styling spree forced a plethora of hair and makeup combinations that we very rarely see explored in-game. It turns out that mixtures of high, low and medium-level hairstyles on a locked makeup and skintone was very inspiring to my creative juices and saw me voting over and over, just for the sheer pleasure factor. So many beautiful new combinations!

Which reminds me, has anyone else noticed how voting is more fun in general since the revamps started trickling into the game? And, I must confess, sometimes trickier to choose clear winners? I have found that I take longer analyzing the entire outfit down the the choice of ring in order to choose the winner – much like the old days of the game when there was only limited hair and makeups available. Yes, the competition has once again stiffened ladies and gents, so tighten your belts, put your fiercest lippie on and let your competitive spirits soar. Things just got serious here yo’ll 😉

So, inspired by the variety of looks in the Style Confidante Spree, I’ve put together a few inspirations for you using the newly refined Level 7 Ice Queen makeup with hairstyles from all over the place. This makeup, which I always liked but now love, now looks wonderful on all skintones and is extremely diverse. From glamor to punk to fantasy-themed, the sky really is the limit with this icy look.

Happy styling fellow Coveters.

Be creative.  Have fun.  Be you.

The new and improved Ice Queen makeup

The new and improved Ice Queen makeup: sporting contours, highlights and a slight brow fix, she is now sensational on the entire rainbow of skintones


Skintone: Dark

Makeup: Ice Queen (level 7 revamp)

Hair: Big Curls, Light Brown (level 7 revamp)
Covet-Fashion (11)

Skintone: Medium Dark

Makeup: Ice Queen (level 7 revamp)

Hair: Twisted Braids, Blonde (level 1)

Covet-Fashion (12)

Skintone: Tan

Makeup: Ice Queen (level 7 revamp)

Hair: Side Swept, Blonde (level 4 revamp)

Covet-Fashion (13)

Skintone: Light Olive

Makeup: Ice Queen (level 7 revamp)

Hair: Waterfall, Platinum (level 22 revamp)

Covet-Fashion (10)

Skintone: Olive

Makeup: Ice Queen (level 7 revamp)

Hair: Tousled Volume, Auburn (level 41)

Covet-Fashion (6)

Skintone: Light Olive

Makeup: Ice Queen (level 7 revamp)

Hair: Premiere, Platinum (level 43)

Covet-Fashion (9)

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