Long-Hair Styling Legend Lorna Evans to be Thredlox Ambassador

THREDLOX is a name you will be hearing more and more of.  A unique styling, curling and coloring tool designed by Savoir Faire’s Simone Lee, Thredlox has been making major waves in fashion circles since Hair Expo earlier this year.  Excitement is brewing over this patented design tool, and even more so now that famed educator and long-hair stylist Lorna Evans has been named Thredlox Ambassador.  Lorna said,

Thredlox is every stylists dream tool.  It is easy to use and creates a texture finish like no other tool I have ever used.

Lorna went on to say, “A couple of weeks ago we held a photoshoot workshop.  We had eight teams and drew one team out of a barrel to work with Thredlox. I have to say by the time all the teams were finished we had 7 out of the 8 shots using Thredlox.”


Curling, styling and coloring tool

Thredlox, a unique curling, styling and coloring tool ships world-wide from Savoir Faire


thredlox by savoir faire

A quick once-over with a flat iron, and bob’s your uncle. Beach hair, tight curls, waves, even zigzag curls can all be achieved quickly. The amount of curl-types and textures Thredlox is capable of is potentially endless. A must-have for every stylist kit.


The Savoir Faire team is pleased to have Lorna on board.  “Lorna is internationally recognised and highly regarded as an educator with a creative edge,” a statement from the brand said. “We have always been extremely impressed with her work. She sees and understands innovation with a forward thinking and inspiring approach, which fits perfectly with Thredlox.”

Leia Corrie, Director of Savoir Faire said to GlooArt yesterday,

Thredlox is one of the simplest yet most innovative things to hit the hair industry in years. This product is building a cult following and our children will wonder how we were ever able to do without it. I am personally obsessed with it and want everyone to play and get just as addicted.





Purchase Thredlox at sfcosmetics.com.au

Find out more about Lorna Evans Hair Workshops at her site lornaevanseducation.com.au

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