Combos That Pack a Punch

Inspirations for medium-dark and dark skintones in-game

Having some trouble finding gorgeous combo’s for your medium-dark and dark Miss Covet dolls? Tired of always using the Olive avatar? (Tired of always voting on the same old avatars?) Well, sit down, relax, and draw some care-free inspiration from us here at glooart.  Have your tablet close by so you can try out some of the looks.  If you’re nervous about trying something new, then try testing them in your Jetset events, have a play, have fun.  Listed below are just a few possibilities that are to die for.  To. Die. For.

For even more ideas, visit our article: “Hair & Makeup Combos that Win: Dark Skintones”  It’s a fabulous resource, particularly for players relatively new to the game.

And remember, when you’re playing Covet Fashion, be creative, have fun, and be you.


Skintone: Medium Dark

Makeup: Pale Fire (new and improved!)

Hair: Razored Bob, Scarlet

Covet Fashion Styling Ideas

Sporting the Rachel Zoe Flare Leg Jumpsuit and the Rachel Zoe Holly pumps, Miss Covet is rocking this look with the new and improved “Pale Fire” makeup, set off in dramatic style with the new “Razored Bob” hairstyle in scarlet.

Skintone: Dark

Makeup: Vamped Queen

Hair: Dread Head, Ombre

Covet Fashion makeup and hair ideas

The Camilla clothing and Dannijo jewelry really help to make this hair and makeup combo pop.

Skintone: Dark

Makeup: Lime Pastel (new and improved!  And it looks great on every skintone!)

Hair: Half Shaved, Brown


Skintone: Dark

Makeup: Smoked

Hair: Textured Bob, Scarlet

Covet Fashion

The scarlet hair with simple black and white attire make an impressive statement here.

Skintone: Medium Dark

Makeup: Warrior

Hair: Big Curls, Blonde


Skintone: Dark

Makeup: Bejeweled (new and improved!)

Hair: Dread Head, Lavender

IMG_5471IMG_5515IMG_5847IMG_5844Covet Fashion Dark Skintone Ideas


IMG_5520IMG_5842 IMG_5507 IMG_5509 IMG_5512 IMG_5506 IMG_5472




*Feel free to post your successful combo’s in the comments section below.  We’d love to see your stunning looks!



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