McFarland, USA, definitely worth the watch

Need ideas for family time?  Try popping some corn and watching McFarland, USA together as a family.  This heart-warming movie will have you crying throughout and a better person because of the experience.  Based on a true story, watch as these boys apply their amazing work ethic to kick some serious cross country butt, opening up the world to themselves and their families.  Watch as a typical white American family (Kevin Costner) struggles to adjust to the culture and poverty of McFarland, only to discover that there is no where else in the world they would rather live; that the American dream of having more, having bigger, being richer is not in reality the secret to happiness.

Costner delivers his usual reliable with a splash of inspirational performance, but it is the story at the core of this film that will really move you.  A must see.

vlcsnap-2014-12-23-11h39m25s130-1419363727302 McFarland USA

The Real McFarland Boys





Our Rating

9 Story

8 Acting

10 Lessons Learned

10 Tear Factor

7 Direction/Editing (a little confusing at times, but so worth the watch)

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