Penny Dreadful, Season 1: Thoroughly Impressed

PENNY DREADFUL is a powerfully written saga filled with dark mystery and suspense. Set in Victorian London, this show lives in a demimonde — a half world between reality and the supernatural — where personal demons from the past can be stronger than vampires, evil spirits and immortal beasts.

During this era of tremendous technological and scientific experimentation, characters are driven by fatal curiosity. Some are consumed by world exploration, others by testing the boundaries of life. Their dark endeavors shed terrifying light on the unknown.

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Legend Timothy Dalton brings a believability that you never once question.

Despite individual alienation, original characters form unlikely alliances to hunt down greater evil, some of whom are known to us from stories we heard as children. PENNY DREADFUL weaves together these stories, both familiar and new, into a complex psychological thriller.


Actress Eva Green is utterly captivating and utterly skillful in her craft.

Poised, mysterious and utterly composed, Vanessa Ives is a seductive and formidable beauty full of secrets and danger. This character, played but the outstanding Eva Green, is keenly observant — clairvoyant even — as well as an expert medium. Her supernatural gifts are powerful and useful to those around her, particularly Sir Malcolm, but they are also a heavy burden. Her inner demons are very real to her and everyone around her, and they threaten to destroy her relationships, her sanity, and her very life.


Find yourself gripped and unblinking as this fantastically gruesome world unravels on the TV before you.  With casting that tops all casting that ever was casted, the acting is so exceptional that even those not usually into supernatural horror may become hooked, like myself.


Actor Josh Hartnett has never been cast so perfectly.

Thoroughly impressed.

Our Rating

8 Story

10 Casting

10 Acting

9 Directing

9 Costume

8 Makeup/Hair

10 Originality

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