Relaxation Coloring for Adults: a natural remedy for anxiety

Recently my husband spent a quiet Saturday coloring with our nine year old daughter – I think it was his penitent way of making up for being so busy with work that week; his way of feeling like a good dad again.  An hour into their coloring adventure he suddenly leaned back in his chair, ran his hands through his long hair and exclaimed, “Wow.  Why do I feel so relaxed right now?”

I can tell you why…

It was more than just daddy daughter bonding time.  There is a very tangible power at work when coloring; something quite magical.  I’ve felt it myself many, many times.

It’s almost like the act of coloring transports you to another realm, one that sheds the high-stress world around you and enables you to center your thoughts, to calm down, to even heal if necessary…

Mindful meditation through the act of drawing?

Pretty powerful stuff.

il_340x270.352728973_etg2And scientific research agrees.  Recent studies in Australia have shown that coloring does indeed have tangible therapeutic benefits and I’ve got to say, in this age of high-stress go go go, this is wonderful news indeed – a magic sanity pill if you will, minus the harmful side effects.

mandalaAnd it is the circular flower-like shapes of the mandala (the spiritual and ritual symbol in Indian religions representing the universe) that has proven to be the most relaxing to color-in, so Glooart has created some mindful mandalas, just for you, (and maybe a little bit for us too) 🙂  (And okay, I’ll throw in a mermaid too because let’s face it, we’ll always be little girls in our hearts  🙂

Now, take a moment, and relax….





For more heavenly mandala inspiration, visit the queen of art-healing and my friend from way back, Em Falconbridge.  She sees the mandala in every leaf and flower petal that crosses her path.  She also runs crafting workshops and soulful art retreats several times each year.  If your soul needs some healing, I highly recommend attending her Soulful Escape to Bali held twice each year with her artist friend, Nicole Lawrence.


See Em Falconbridge’s recent interview on Annapurna Living *here*


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