The power to change trends

Do you find yourself reluctantly bowing to the pressure of the Covet mainstream in order to score high?  And then after a while feel you’ve sold a little piece of your soul?

Well, you’re not alone.

And here’s a little secret I’ve learned (read in an Elma Fudd voice): if you are vewy, vewy bwrave, so bwrave that you let yourself take a wee widdle hit on your style score for just a widdle while, Covet trends can change.

It just takes persistence.

Not happy with the current trends?  Sick of seeing weird stuff in the top looks?  Then change the status quo. You have the power (say that last part like the opening credits to He-Man).  You.  Have.  THE POWERRRR!!!!  (echo echo…)

There are a lot of ways we can influence trends: let’s start with hair…

How many of us have tried a style we like then immediately shied away from ever using it again when that low result came in?

Well, the real result is gorgeous hair that never get’s used, but totally should…

Let’s explore…

African Queen

Natural knots that possess glamming-up abilities

Skintone: Medium Dark

Makeup: Navy Lashes

Hair: African Queen, Blonde

Miss Covet makeover by Glooart

What helps this bleached hair to work so well in this look is complementing it with the soft naturals in the Ashley Pittman statement necklace as well as the burnished gold of the Maya bracelet and earrings. Styling Tip: Using mostly black pieces while showing an amount of skin makes the look appear more high-fashion, like something worn during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.  Styling Tip: Short hair practically begs for large, statement earrings.

Skintone: Dark

Makeup: Smoked

Hair: African Queen, Brown

Miss Covet Makeover by GlooArt

Uniting the bold red lip with the red Vince Camuto peep-toe pumps and the Lauren Merkin clutch add an extra pop to this high fashion casual look. Always one for a bold statement, Ashley Pittman jewelry finishes off this on-trend look with that fantastic necklace and bracelet duo. The look would not read as high fashion without it.

Insider Secret

One thing to keep in mind when styling with the less-used hairstyles is that just like the makeup, most hairstyles in Covet have two to four super flattering colors that work best on only around two to four skin tones.  Spend time playing in your closet figuring our what combinations work well, then add them to your list of go-to’s.


Clean, casual and yet elegant

This style doesn’t score well at present in-game, but it should.  It has some great potential.

Skintone: Medium Dark

Makeup: Girls Night

Hair: Pageboy, Brown

Covet Fashion

Styling Tip: “Girls Night” makeup is one of those rare makeups that looks gorgeous on every single skintone in-game.

Skintone: Olive

Makeup: Chocolate Flame

Hair: Pageboy, Black

Covet Fashion

Skintone: Tan

Makeup: Ice Queen

Hair: Pageboy, Platinum

Covet Fashion

You have got to love those over-sized Ashley Pittman bracelets – talk about a statement.  When I saw these in person in NYC last year, I almost died and went to girlie heaven.


Tokyo Rose

My fringe is filled with cow-licks, so when I see a luscious fringe like this I must bow down and worship.

Skintone: Olive

Makeup: Ruby Slippers

Hair: Tokyo Rose, Black


Can you say retro gorgeousness? And with those peep-toe pumps linking in the red lip? So pretty.

Skintone: Tan

Makeup: Navy Lashes

Hair: Tokyo Rose, Platinum


This woman knows who she is.


For those of you who feel stuck in the lower closet values, guess what?  You have access to some of the most beautiful makeup in the game, so rock it girls!

Try something new in Covet Fashion today.  Be different.  Be bold.  Be you.

Don’t have the app. yet?  Get it here.

covet fashion on glooart


  • Lola says:

    Great and true article. Love these looks!

  • caliche mouth says:

    I love these looks:) but sadly short hair rarely wins! I always vote for it and darker skin. I will use it occasionally but I get tired of losing and go back to boho and mermaid for a week or twos do after I build my confidence back up. Lol.

  • Anthobuzz says:

    Ugh, the pageboy hairstyle kills me! I’ve used it on multiple challenges, you know, to be different than everyone else using long glamorous flowing locks and I honestly feel like people are purposely avoiding my look! It is a shame as it’s a great style and would love to see more shorter styles in future updates.

  • Nikita Covet says:

    You’re so right on the $$!But, then again -YOU would know how to shake a trend. You are amazing. (TRYING not to gush) Thanks for ALL the great advice.

  • Marquita says:

    I really love this article.thanks for this! I personally love the pageboy

  • Claudia says:

    This article spoke to my soul. Those are some of my favorite styles along with other short and funky styles. But I often find myself going with long and blonde for my scores sake.

  • Anna says:

    What kills me is that African Queen and Pageboy, which are both featured in this article, are two hairstyles I adore the details of. They’re aesthetically pleasing and they’re two hairstyles that frame the models’ faces very well, imo. Plus they have great colour range. But they always get poor results (unless it’s a semi-crossdressing challenge, then Pageboy is everyone’s choice) and it irks me so much! Worst thing is to see “African” challenges have 20 top looks with only the dreadlocks hairstyle or something long, pin-straight and black, and seeing all the African Queen looks get 3 stars as I vote.

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